This website summarises weather data logged by a FineOffset weather station which is downloaded to a Raspberry Pi credit card sized computer.

Communication between the Pi and the weather station is handled by the very polished and highly customisable Weewx software. Weewx downloads a data record from the weatherstation every minute and stores it in a database on the Pi. It then creates graphs and webpages and uploads these to the website every 5 minutes, and also to Weather Underground.

This website uses Bootstrap to deal with most of the layout and presentation.


  • RaspPi Model B Rev 2 256Mb
  • Powered USB-hub


Last summer (July 2012) I added a new webcam. It's a wireless IP camera (D-Link DCS-930L) intended for indoor use, but I have mounted it outdoors in a sheltered area on the terrace. Against all odds it survived last winters freezing temperatures, and hopefully it will last this coming winter too.
  • Status august 2015: The camera has now been in operation for 3 years without any problems.
  • Status july 2019: The camera is dead. I think it did very well surviving 7 cold norwegian winters.
A new ip-camera of unknown brand, with higher resolution, and intended for outdoor use, is now in operation.

Scripts used on this site


  • 16.06.2024: New webcam: Unifi G4 Instant. The webpage updates every second hour
  • 20.01.2024: The Weather Station has stopped working.
  • 06.05.2021: The extra Raspberry Pi running MotionEyeOS is out of the loop.
  • 21.02.2021: Added new page for historic highs and lows for today
  • 17.08.2019: New webcam with better resolution (hd), plus additional RaspberryPi4 running MotionEyeOS
  • 01.07.2019: Webcam died, and timelapses has come to an end.
  • 07.08.2017: Refresh interval on pictures from camera are down to once every hour
  • 12.08.2015: Added timelapse video on the webcam-page
  • 25.05.2015: Made a small template for the layout I use.
  • 04.05.2015: Upgraded from version 2.6.4 to version 3.1.0 of Weewx.
  • 21.08.2014: Image-sequences at the webcam-page is not operational anymore due to the harddrive failure.
  • 20.08.2014: Harddisk failure. Lost data for the last couple of weeks in august.
  • 09.07.2014: Upgraded from weewx-2.5.0 to weewx-2.6.4
  • 28.12.2013: Made availiable my Weewx-template for the SteelSeries Gauges (see above)
  • 08.12.2013: Added timestamp on the images in the webcam-sequences using ExifTool
  • 01.12.2013: Added image-sequences at the webcam-page
  • 24.11.2013: Added SteelSeries Gauges
  • 14.11.2013: Totally remake of webpages. Switched to Bootstrap.
  • 11.10.2013: Moved from Windows to Linux.
  • 26.07.2012: New wireless ip-cam to replace the old webcam.
  • 06.10.2011: Added page for detailed reports, based on the generated NOAA-files.
  • 21.09.2011: Added webcam for weather images.
  • 19.09.2011: Weatherstation up and running for the first time.

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